David P. O'Hara

Moz Content Product Flow

Moz Content Product Flow



One of the parts I enjoyed the most working on Moz Content was the product architecture. Designing the flow from the marketing funnel to establishing a tiered plan to encourage users to naturally convert to a paid user. This paired with carefully placed limits and making sure each tier provided a level of added value that encouraged conversion when the user would hit the planned upsell opportunities.





The Problem

We had some big challenges with our product flow in the beginning. Users were not converting to paid plans, they didn't have correct expectations when seeing the results of using the limited product, and we weren't communicating the value our product had to offer.



The marketing funnel started as a single entry point with a search bar bringing users directly to limited results. This didn't set proper expectations and did little to educate the user about the product. Through challenges we were facing from this and user research, we found a solution that helped educate the user, communicate the value of the product, as well as creating a natural conversion to a paid user. 



I started with whiteboarding many different flows so i could iterate quickly. I communicated the concepts to several stakeholders along the way so we were all on board with an approach before moving toward a solution. 


THE Solution

I worked closely with our marketing team and the designers for moz.com to improve our marketing funnel. We worked within some existing patterns for Moz product pages to create an overview, features, and pricing pages with CTA's leading into the product.

Product Dashboard

One of the big additions I created to help with educating our users was our product dashboard. In short, it provided demos and video walkthroughs of the product features as well as a place to get started with each of the feature workflows. We used carefully placed limits and upsell points to drive conversion to a community plan.

Community plan

The community plan was a new addition to the product and served as a way to immerse the user in the Moz product offering and use all of our free resources. As a company, we found that a user converted to a community member was much more likely to convert to a paid user. Another big addition I was working on was an onboarding to the community user that would provide a lot more immediate value. They would answer a few questions and connect a couple social accounts and in turn we would go and run an content audit, content searches, and an audience analysis report and competitive research. They would then enter the product and have several areas of immediate value, which was previously only possible through going to each of the features and giving them information separately.

Insight reports

This was another big addition our team was working on to add value to the product. We were able create reports providing deeper insights into specific areas of a strategy like audience analysis, competitive research and many others. This made great strides toward informing the user what step they needed to take next in their plan. The flow I created provided one report, but showed all of the others greyed out reinforcing the value they were missing by not being a paid user. 



Our team was on board and excited about the direction of this product flow. We were actively working on the insight reports and making plans for a phased rollout of the onboarding. The dashboard implementation drastically cut back our help tickets by educating the users and setting proper expectations for the limited features. The addition of key upsell points within the flow helped drive conversions to the community plan, which in turn drove a higher conversion to paid plans. Unfortunately, Moz had to make some difficult business decisions and scale back their products significantly. Moz Content was part of that scale back so we didn't get the opportunity to fully implement this product flow. The initial results were trending positively and we felt within 6 months we would have provided a lot more value within the product through these changes.


What I Learned

I really enjoyed architecting this product flow and learned a lot about user behaviors when it comes to conversions and providing just the right amount of value to keep them engaged, but wanting more.