David P. O'Hara






Zubii was an online real estate company centered around connecting buyers / sellers with top agents on a neighborhood level. To describe it compared to known companies, it would be like combining Zillow, Yelp, and LinkedIn together. I had the privilege of working with them from the beginning of their concept doing branding, user experience and even being able to help define some of the key approaches for their business. Below I outline the process and some of the results of the project. 



The branding was really fun to work on, helping to define the personality of the company and see how that would play out across all of the pieces of the customer journey. One request from the founders in the beginning was to incorporate two characters bowing to each other in reference to business practices within asian culture. I really wanted to translate this to an abstract concept within the identity without being super literal with it. I wanted the brand to be more focused on reflecting the concept of neighborhoods and relationships.

Zubii identity - 6.png

I explored many different directions, but presented two concepts. One big factor was also considering how the logo would translate to an app icon, as it was a big piece of their strategy.


User Experience & WEB DESIGN